• Paintball Canyon

    This massive course spans both sides of the gorge that runs throughout the Paintball Park of Memphis. Wooden Fortifications are arranged along either side of the gorge, with multiple suspension bridges joining them. Push forward and take control of the canyon, or dig in and wait for our opponents to come to you!

  • The Jungle

    Battle both, your opponents and the underbrush, as you navigate this heavily wooded course. Wooden crates, Metal buildings, and a truck give this course a unique feel.

  • Mega Pipes

    Compete in the classic "Hyperball" paintball format of the 90s, reincarnated at the Paintball Park as Mega Pipes!

  • Roswell

    You and your opponents may not be alone, as you battle for control of this mysterious militaryt base!

  • Bridges of War

    Take your opponets head on, or defeat them from below on this multi-level, multi-terrain course!

  • Ground Zero

    Struggle for control of this abandoned nuclear waste disposal site! Beware of radiation pockets!

  • Dodge City

    It's a shootout at high noon in this Old West Town! Take a defensive position in the central building's windows, or climb to the second story in the outer buildings to gain the upper hand!

  • Airball

    Get a taste of the competitive side of paintball on the Paintball Park's PSP-tournament airball field. On Sunday afternoons, join a special "open group" plays on this field... click here for more details.


ProShop and Courtyard

When you first arrive at the Paintball Park, your first stop should be to check out the ProShop. Once inside, you may fill-out the sign-in sheet, pay for admission pass, purchase paintballs, buy gear, and/or rent gear (if you need it). Return to the ProShop during your breaks bewtween games to take a rest away from the heat, or cold. The ProShop provides chairs, tables, and lockers for the player's convenience. The proshop also has a party room available for private groups.

The Courtyard is located at the center of the Paintball Park and connects all major areas. It also contains picnic tables, pavillion, fire pit, and grill pits for outdoor festivities.

Monday 7 pm- 10 pm (All lessons)
Tuesday 7 pm- 10 pm (All lessons)
Wednesday 7 pm- 10 pm (All lessons)
Thursday 7 pm- 10 pm (All lessons)
Friday 7 pm- 10 pm (All lessons)
Saturday 7 pm- 10 pm (All lessons)

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Friday 7 pm- 10 pm (All lessons)
Saturday 7 pm- 10 pm (All lessons)